Content and Curriculum

  • What is the SimBuild experience like?

    As students move through SimBuild, they perform activities that build skills and draw on knowledge gained from the earlier activities. The learning in SimBuild is driven by a work order system organized around trade training areas. Once students complete all SimBuild work orders, they will have comprehensive exposure to terminology, tools, materials, process, procedures, and key tasks entry level jobs in the trade require.

  • How much time does it take to complete the program?

    The SimBuild products each contain over 15-20 hours of activities. Students work through the program until they successfully complete all activities, and then can practice further and earn rewards for top performance in certain activities. In SimBuild, students can practice until they master the competencies taught in the program.

  • Is there a specific curriculum tied to the SimBuild programs?

    The SimBuild training platform aligns with curriculum that builds competencies which make up industry standard job-readiness requirements. Upon completion of SimBuild Carpentry students have covered the curriculum for entry-level carpentry or pre-apprenticeship carpentry training. Upon completion of SimBuild Industrial they will have completed curriculum for entry-level machinist or pre-apprenticeship training for machine shop or production trainee.

  • How will I know how my students are doing in the program?

    Through the learning management system (LMS), teachers track student completion progress and activity performance as students work through the program; upon completion, teachers generate student completion certificates. License and user account management is done through the LMS website. In addition, teachers assign students to classes, can monitor class progress and performance, and print SimBuild student certificates. Students are able to view their progress and grades at a glance, and also print certificates. Average grades recorded in the LMS can be exported to a text file for upload into external gradebook and learning management programs.

  • What trades skills are learned in SimBuild?

    SimBuild™ Carpentry teaches practical skills used in residential construction while reinforcing academic disciplines in reading, math and problem solving. Through more than 80 activities, students learn skills including tool reading, applied construction math, framing, installation process, material estimation and building system terminology.
    SimBuild™ Industrial provides training in basic industrial skills needed by entry level metalworkers. Practical shop math, measurements and plan layout help students interpret shop drawings, part layouts and machine settings. Students learn shop safety, machine operations and proper tool use, while reinforcing core reading, math and problem solving skills.

Purchasing SimBuild

  • Can I try the program before purchasing ?

    Demo versions of SimBuild products are available from the DEMOs and Previews page on the SimBuild LMS website. The demo version allows unlicensed users access to a select set of work areas and activities. The demo version does not share information with the SimBuild LMS website, and therefore progress is not tracked and rewards cannot be earned. Explore the SimBuild LMS through the companion SimBuild Carpentry and SimBuild Industrial interactive preview sites. Using the free Demo Mode in SimBuild and the LMS preview sites provide a chance to experience the SimBuild platform.

  • What do I get when I purchase the SimBuild program?

    Each SimBuild application is a separately licensed software product. Customers license a SimBuild product by purchasing a license with a specified number of student accounts.
    With purchase of SimBuild, you are issued a license key that provides access to the complete application, data tracking and administrative functionality in the LMS. The license fee covers user accounts for 12 months for up to 25 students, and additional licenses for one (1) administrator account and five (5) instructor accounts. Unlimited downloads and installations of the application and student data tracking for the first 12 months, customer support and instructor documentation are included in the license fee.
    User account fees are assessed annually on all student accounts beginning in the second year. After the first year of use, user account fees must be renewed to continue access to all features of the SimBuild application and data tracking in the LMS.

  • When I purchase a SimBuild product, how many students can use it?

    The initial license fee provides licenses for up to 25 user accounts for the first year of use. Only students that are enrolled in the LMS have access to full SimBuild content in any given product. The maximum number of LMS student accounts that can be active at one time is equal to the number of student licenses purchased for that product for that year.

  • Can I purchase a license for an individual separate from a institution?

    Yes. You can purchase an individual license for SimBuild directly from VRSim, Inc. Contact us for pricing.

  • What’s the difference between the application and the LMS - are they purchased separately?

    The application contains the training content and activities the trainee will perform. Working through the application is the primary SimBuild experience of the student. Through the LMS the teacher tracks student completion progress and activity performance, manages class enrollment, user accounts and licenses, and prints student certificates of completion. Teachers can view student information by class and for individual students. Students can also track their own progress through the LMS student reports, and print certificates of completion.

    In addition to tracking completion progress and Study activity grades, the LMS tracks students’ progress as they acquire trade skills. The Competencies section lists skill competencies for job readiness and students’ completion progress for activities that grow those competencies.

  • When will I be billed?

    SimBuild license fees are billed once your license information has been delivered. Licenses are sent to the email address provided at time of purchase. This is often the designated SimBuild admin.

    First year student fees are included with the purchase of the SimBuild product license. The number of user accounts billed is equal to the number student account licenses issued to you.

  • Can students use more than one SimBuild application at the same time?

    If your institution purchases more than one SimBuild product, students can use the same student account to access each product. Students will need a separate license key for each SimBuild product they add to their student account.


  • Do students receive confirmation that they passed the program?

    Students receive a certificate of achievement after successful completion of SimBuild programs. Successful completion of Study activities requires a score of 80% or better, and ungraded activities must be passed for the LMS to recognize them as completed successfully.

  • Is SimBuild approved for industry credentials?

    Students do not receive industry credentials directly from completion of SimBuild products. However, SimBuild helps prepare students for assessments that are part of earning industry credentials. SimBuild Carpentry content covers tools, materials, construction math and construction tasks and terminology that aligns with objectives and performance tasks contained in the NCCER Level 1 Carpentry curriculum plans, and the NOCTI Carpentry Basic job-ready assessment blueprint. The LMS tracks competencies that are consistent with topic areas in the NCCER Level 1 Carpentry assessment contents.

    SimBuild Industrial content covers tools, shop math, plan reading and machine identification and operation that aligns with job planning, precision measurement and manual machining skills that are part of NIMS Machining Level 1 credentials, and MSI Manufacturing Technician Level 1 program.

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