Effective training through game-like simulations

SimBuild is an educational software platform that teaches basic trade skills through interactive 3D simulations. Unlike traditional, lecture-based training programs, the SimBuild platform delivers a more effective, engaging experience by enabling students to learn through virtual applications of the basic skills used in construction and metalworking. This innovative methodology increases student retention, lessens the need for administrative oversight and significantly reduces the costs associated with training workers.

How does SimBuild work

SimBuild is a computer-based training platform that teaches the fundamental skills used in construction and manufacturing through situation-based lessons. Students learn by completing assignments within a virtual environment that simulate the day-to-day tasks they’d be asked to perform on a construction site or in a machine shop. Throughout the experience, students are given scores and earn rewards to track progress, ensure competency and spur motivation. This hands-on, success-oriented approach has a proven track record of producing qualified and highly skilled workers capable of getting the job done right the first time.

Benefits of SimBuild Traditional training methods simply can’t compete.

Better, safer workers

Graduates undergo hundreds of practical simulations, ensuring they come to work prepared to succeed.

More engaged students

In-game feedback and scoring ensure students stay engaged and focused.

Safer and more affordable

Virtual environments allow student training to be free from additional material costs and physical danger.

Robust employment skill training

Students learn critical trade skills, while strengthening core academic foundations in reading, math and problem solving.

Reduced administrative burden

Insightful reporting offers in-depth progress tracking and student comparisons, which can inform future lessons.

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