SimBuild supports all groups and organizations interested in producing a skilled workforce

High Schools

Prepare students for construction or manufacturing careers after graduation by teaching them critical educational and trade skills.

Community and Technical Colleges

Provide cost-effective training and skill advancement for students entering trade apprenticeship programs.

Program Creators

Attain key elements of successful pre-apprentice programs: offer job-relevant curriculum, help assure acceptance by state and industry certifying authorities, and deliver strong screening and direct entry processes.

Job Skills/Workforce Programs

Train under-represented individuals to take the apprenticeship qualifying tests and gain core employability “soft skills” such as workplace communication and job-site protocols.


Introduce schools, students and community organizations to Unions, and prepare individuals to enter the industry through a highly specialized curriculum. Attract younger candidates to the trade by letting them experience it and match skills to the requirements of the job.


Reinforce best practices, expand your employees’ skills, recruit and train new employees.

This product is not available for individual use or sale. It is designed for educational organizations, workforce development, or similar groups as listed above. We will not respond to inquiries for individual use or sale of SimBuild.

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